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The Best Times to Purchase Appliances

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Purchasing a new appliance for your home can be a very costly and overwhelming experience. Before buying a refrigerator, oven, grill, or any other appliance you may be in the market for, take a look at our list of ideal times to make your purchase and save yourself some money!

Did you know appliances have optimal seasons to spend your money on? Here are a few appliances and their optimal seasons:

Most people know that shopping holidays are the best time to score a deal on just about anything but did you know this also includes appliances? Major home appliances can be much more affordable around the holidays so if you can hold off on until one of these holidays, then you could save as much as 50 percent or more!

Memorial Day: Retailers focus appliance sales around Memorial Day which is also Maytag Month, an annual rebate promotion offered by the Maytag brand. You can expect savings from 30%-40% on appliances during this holiday.

Fourth of July: During this holiday, you can expect sales from electronics stores, home improvement stores, and even department stores. Fourth of July tends to be the time of year that bundled savings are available and some prices may even beat Black Friday deals.

Labor Day: This holiday is the marker for the end of the summer season so end-of-season and closeout deals are most popular. Retailers have been known to discount patio furniture, grills, and even mattresses. Select appliance discounts tend to be offered during this holiday and free delivery is commonly given as well.

Veterans Day: Veterans Day is the last major shopping holiday before Black Friday. Military discounts for current and former members of the military are offered by numerous retailers. Limited time discounts will be offered during this holiday to provide impressive savings but likely not in comparison to the following Black Friday holiday.

Black Friday: Black Friday is the best time to purchase just about anything and appliances are no exception. Sales tend to begin throughout the month of November so be on the lookout! Small appliances tend to be the most discounted and available appliance during this time but you can also score a great deal on major appliances as well.

If crowds aren't your style, you can also expect to find good deals after Christmas as long as stores have leftover inventory from the holidays.


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