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Our Values


We believe in always providing the best customer service for our clients. You can always count on quick communications, wholesale pricing, and a dedicated team to support and assist you and your project.


We take our responsibilities very seriously at Westrom Home & Service and we will do everything in our power to not only meet the expectations of our clients and partners, but also exceed them. We act honestly, transparently, and confidentially in order to maintain our clients' trust.


We are committed to continuously improving our company and striving for excellence. We welcome every job with eagerness and will go above and beyond what is asked of us because it's who we are. 


We embrace every opportunity to learn and improve. We believe that in order to grow as an organization, it is important to invest in ourselves and empower one another. As long as we continue to do this, we will always be prepared for what comes next.


We are constantly studying the latest trends in renovations and systems in order to streamline our business, improve our delivery, and reduce costs while improving standards. Our company is ever-evolving and we believe that if there is a better way, we will find it.


We strive to always communicate openly and thoroughly within our company and with our clients. Our ability to communicate is our greatest strength and has been a major benefactor for our success. 

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