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Garage Door Maintenance Tips

When was the last time your garage door received a little extra care? Has it been a few weeks? Months? ...YEARS? Keep your garage door in tip-top shape by following these simple and easy maintenance tips and to avoid any costly repairs or replacement in the future. 


Visually inspect all hinges, rollers, tracks, and cables regularly for damage.


Replace any parts that are damaged and causing improper function of your garage door. Tighten any hardware that may have loosened over time. I.e. Roller brackets, bolts, rollers, and weather stripping. *Only perform repairs that you're familiar with! Everything else, leave it to the pros!


Remove the debris and build up that may have accumulated on the tracks of your garage door. The easiest way to do this is by using an old toothbrush which allows easy access to those tight spaces.


The most effective way to keep your garage door running smoothly is by lubricating its parts.

When properly lubricated, parts have less wear and tear or grinding on the track which will keep everything operating for many years to come.


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